Funding Available for Cedar Tree Revetments!

What is a Cedar Tree Revetment?
Cedar tree revetments use Eastern red cedar trees to serve as soft, natural armor, providing protection along eroding riverbanks. This protection decreases erosion and allows silt and sand to be deposited overtime. The deposited material forms a bed in which the seeds of riverbank plants such as sedges can grow. By the time the trees have decayed, the bank should be stabilized by the root systems of new plant growth and accumulated sediment. Revetments are ideal for riverbanks experiencing mild to moderate erosion. For riverbanks more than 5 ft. tall or areas with high water velocity, a revetment practice may be inadequate to properly address the issue.

Why Install a Cedar Tree Revetment?

Cedar tree revetments are a low cost, environmentally friendly option to address eroding streambanks. Revetments will slow or stop erosion during the project's lifespan and reduce the likelihood of a much larger and more expensive corrective project in the future. Riverbank erosion contributes sediment and other pollutants into waterways, reduces riparian habitat, and results in property loss. Stabilizing your eroding riverbank will provide water quality benefits to the Rum River as well as protect your property. 

This program is being funded through a Conservation Partners Legacy grant and there is currently funding available to eligible properties. If you live along the Rum River in Anoka County and are interested in learning more about installing a cedar revetment on your property, contact Kris Larson, Water Resource Specialist, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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