Since 1996, ACD, and local partners, have monitored the subsurface water levels of 19 wetlands located throughout Anoka County. Reference wetland data provide insights into shallow groundwater hydrology trends. This can be useful for a variety of purpose from flood predictions and indices of drought severity. 

Wetland regulations are often focused upon determining whether a specific area is, or is not, a wetland. This is difficult at times because most wetland are not continually wet, especially at the surface. In order to help facilitate fair, accurate wetland determinations. These monitored wetlands serve as a reference of conditions for Anoka County, and are thus called reference wetlands. This hydrologic information, along with examination of the vegetation and soils, aids in the accurate wetland determinations and delineations.

Water levels in Anoka County wetlands can vary greatly depending on time of year and seasonal precipitation. For example, in a normal precipitation year, many wetlands display seasonal hydrology that is near the surface in the spring, and then drops 40 inches or more later in the growing season. Annual wetland monitoring results are summarized as part of the Water Almanac for Anoka County.

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