Land Protection

ACD has collaborated with BWSR's RIM program to establish conservation easements to permanently protect, restore, and manage natural resources on private lands. Land protection has many benefits including protecting water quality, habitat, creating conservation corridors, and supporting climate resiliency.  

In 2023, two new conservation easements were established along the Rum River. They are adjacent to a conservation easement that was established in 2022 through the Rum RIM program and across the river from a DNR Conservation Easement. These conservation easements create a block of protected land totalling 183.5 acres along 10,960 feet of shoreline. The Gamm, Stenson-Gamm, St. Francis Land Development, and MN DNR Conservation Easement create an additional habitat core with functioning ecosystems and enhance habitat in the Rum River corridor. 

Left to Right: Stenson-Gamm and MN DNR Conservation Easement shorelines. Gamm floodplain forest.v

For more information contact Carrie Taylor, Restoration Ecologist, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Rum RIM protects 149 acres and 8,370 feet of shoreline in northern Anoka County

Anoka Conservation District and other SWCDs are working together to prioritize parcels and enroll willing landowners in BWSR's Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) Reserve in the Rum River Watershed. The RIM Reserve program compensates landowners who are willing to give up development rights on their land in perpetuity to permanently preserve the natural landscape. The Rum River flows from Lake Mille Lacs to the Mississippi River through diverse landscapes and land uses. Protecting priority lands will benefit water quality and Twin Cities' drinking water supply, as well as improving wildlife habitat and connectivity. 

ACD is grateful to the families in northern Anoka County who just recently enrolled their land in BWSR's RIM program. Those families cherish the natural state of their land and the Rum River. Thanks to them, 149 more acres of land will be protected.

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