Black Chokeberry - 25 shrub bundle

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Chokeberry is a small shrub but can grow up to six feet tall in ideal conditions. It is a very attractive spreading shrub of the rose family with white flowers in May. An excellent choice for wet lake edge plantings, it prefers mesic to wet soil, and can tolerate partial shade. Deep red fall foliage

Wildlife Food & Cover: Good food-berries, songbirds Fair cover-escape

Flowers: Fragrant white flower in May

Fruit: Purple/black berries that hold into the winter

Ecosystem: Harwood Swamp, Alder Swamp, Lowland Hardwood Forest

Scientific Name: Aronia melanocarpa

Product Size at Purchase: 12-18"

Product Size at Maturity:  4-6'

Other: Brilliant red fall foliage with berries holding into winter