Red-osier Dogwood - 25 shrub bundle

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Red-osier dogwood is a fast growing shrub providing winter interest of red twigs and branches. Its white berries provide food for songbirds. It can reach a height of 10', is moderately shade tolerant but is intolerant of drought. It prefers loamy organic soil. Wildlife Food & Cover:Good food - songbirds, grouse. Fair cover-nesting, escape.

Flowers:  White clusters May-Aug

Fruit:  White berry clusters on red panicle - July-Oct

Ecosystem: Tamarack Swamp, Alder Swamp, Willow Swamp, Wet Prairie, Wet Meadow

Scientific Name: Cornus stolonifera

Product Size at Purchase: 12-18"

Product Size at Maturity:  5-10'

Other: Red twigs and branches for winter interest