Highbush Cranberry - 10 shrub bundle

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Highbush cranberry is a moderately fast growing shrub whose dark green leaves turn bright red in fall when grown in sunny locations. It can reach a mature height of 15'. This shrub is highly recommended by the DNR. Highbush cranberry holds its fruit all winter providing much needed winter food for wildlife. It is moderately tolerant of shade, intolerant of drought and grows in a variety of soils.

Wildlife Food & Cover
:Excellent food - nectar, fruit, browse, grouse, pheasant, songbirds. Fair cover-nesting, escape.

: White clusters May-July Fruit: Tart edible oval red drupe Sept-Dec Ecosystem:Mesic (Moist) Oak Forest, Lowland Hardwood Forest, Hardwood Swamp, Tamarack Swamp

Scientific Name: Viburnum trilobum

Product Size at Purchase: 12-18"

Product Size at Maturity: 10-15'

Other: Highly recommended by DNR, holds fruit all winter