Juneberry - 25 tree bundle

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Juneberry is a fairly fast growing shrub whose underground runners will spread to form a thicket. It is multi-stemmed and provides good cover for birds. Juneberry will grow to heights of 8-15', is tolerant of shade but prefers full sun, grows in a variety of soils and is moderately drought resistant. Their blue fruit is juicy and delicious for birds and humans. Other common names: Serviceberry or Saskatoon berry

Wildlife Food & Cover: Very good food-nectar, insects, fruits, buds, twigs. Good cover-nesting, perching, escape cover.

Flowers: White fragrant in spring

Fruit: greater than 1" blue/purple drupe

Ecosystem: Dry Oak Forest, Mesic (Moist) Oak Forest Other: Fruits juicy and delicious, spreads to form thickets.

Scientific Name: Amelanchier alnifolia

Product Size at Purchase: 12-18"

Product Size at Maturity:  8-15'