Black Cherry - 10 tree bundle

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Black cherry is a large tree with strong hard wood that is valued for cabinet and furniture making. A mature tree can reach heights of 40-60'. Black cherry is shade tolerant, grows in a variety of soils and is moderately drought tolerant. Their dark purple fruit can be used for jams and wine.

Wildlife Food & Cover: Excellent food-fruits, buds, insects, bark, twigs. Excellent cover-nesting, perching, cavities.

Flowers: White 1/3" across in spring.

Fruit: Edible red-black drupe Aug-Sept.

Ecosystem: Dry Oak Forest, Mesic (Moist) Oak Forest, Maple Basswood Forest

Scientific Name: Prunus serotina

Product Size at Purchase: 12-18"

Product Size at Maturity:  40-60'