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Help Stop the Spread!

You can help contain the spread of Emerald Ash Borer throughout the state. Avoid cutting and pruning Oak trees from April 1 through July 31 as sap beetles are most active during this time. Treat spring and summer tree wounds with a water based paint or pruning wound sealer to avoid attracting sap beetles. Do not transport firewood off the site where it was collected. The Twin Cities metro and much of east central Minnesota is infested with Oak Wilt. Transporting firewood out of this area risks spreading this forest disease. 

Current Projects & Volunteer Opportunities

ACD was a recipient of the MN Dept of Natural Resources ReLeaf Community Forestry grant to plant a diversity of tree species to replace those affected by Oak Wilt at the Anoka Nature Preserve. Common buckthorn will be cut and managed in 2024-25 to make room for trees to be planted. New trees will be planted in 2026 with the help of volunteers. Sign up to plant trees as a volunteer here




MN DNR Oak Wilt Distribution Map, Updated February 2024