Project Information:

legacyEroding riverbanks contribute to the Mississippi River’s total suspended solids (TSS) and turbidity impairments through direct loading of sediment and nutrients that degrade overall water quality as well as aquatic and nearshore habitat.  Inventories assessing bank conditions were completed along 13.3 miles of the Mississippi River from the Coon Rapids Dam to Anoka County’s western edge.  These inventories identified 12,569 linear feet of river bank with severe to very severe erosion.  Cumulatively, these sites contribute 10,368 tons of sediment annually to the river.

Thanks to a FY 2017 Clean Water Fund grant we have begun to address active bank erosion throughout this stretch of river.  A targeted mailing to 60 landowners of properties with severe erosion resulted in interest from over 30 landowners.  Site visits confirmed the majority of properties need assistance with bank stabilization.  The FY 2017 funding stabilized two properties, totaling 305 linear feet of riverbank.

Anoka Conservation District (ACD) was awarded a FY2018 Clean Water Fund Projects and Practices grant in the amount of $236,000, which required a $59,000 match from landowners, to continue providing technical and financial assistance for riverbank stabilization started with the FY2017 (i.e. Round 1) grant.

ACD staff continued prioritization of sites based on severity of erosion, accessibility to the site, and proximity to other stabilization projects at which landowners expressed an interest in receiving technical and financial assistance.

The project designs will use bioengineering techniques whenever possible to create thriving near-shore habitat, naturalize the riparian zone, and complement the recently updated Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) rules.

Project Summary


2018: Outreach to landowners at properties with severely eroding riverbanks identified in the riverbank condition inventory. Site visits, property prioritization, and selection of one property.  Stabilization of the property with severe erosion and a 25’ tall bank will meet the pollution reductions required for the grant.

2019: Development and execution of landowner agreements. Site surveys and design development.

2020: Anticipated March – April 2020.  Project bidding and contractor selection. Anticipated Summer 2020.  Project construction.

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