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Anoka Conservation District, in collaboration with Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District, has secured funding from the MN Department of Natural Resources as part of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to help landowners along the Rum River address streambank erosion. A unique method, called cedar tree revetments, is being used to address this streambank erosion.

Cedar tree revetments are a low cost, but effective, means to address mild to moderate bank erosion before it gets worse. The technique involves cable-anchoring cut cedar trees alongside the bank. The tree's dense branches and naturally rot-resistant wood provide many years of bank armoring and overtime should allow for the build-up of sediment. Willow or dogwood trees are also installed with a cedar tree revetment, which helps to begin the revegetation process.   

Installing a cedar tree revetment will protect property, help improve the river’s water quality and provide fish habitat. 

Installation of revetments will occur in fall 2017 and continue in 2018. Landowners must provide 10% of the total project cost and the remainder is grant-funded. The total project cost of installing a cedar tree revetment tends to range from $4,000-$10,000 so landowners tend to contribute between $400-$1,000 for a revetment. 


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